MLM Home Improvement was launched in 2007 by Christian Lowe and John McCambridge who met while working for a local remodeling company where they collaborated constantly on their dream of a business of their own. Their concept was simple: Potential clients, no matter what their individual, family, or business needs, should always be approached with a genuine desire to understand their vision and the importance of their unique mission to deliver a product that brings a dream to life.

Specializing in roofing, siding, windows, and high end remodeling since its inception in 2007, MLM has earned and maintained a consistent trajectory of growth which includes thousands of clients in their portfolio. The foundation enabling this growth has always been an unwavering commitment to the human aspect of doing business. With each project completed, the team at MLM is always improving and mastering further the art of customer relationships through impeccable work ethic and craftsmanship.

The MLM credo, “Dream, Design, and Build” is a simplified way to describe the collaboration process which occurs with every one of our customers. Our remodeling process begins with an in depth consultation with a project specialist. This consultation includes making sure the client understands the remodeling process, getting a clear picture of the desired outcome, and setting expectations and is a vital first step and one that is mutually beneficial. After the consultation and assessment of the property, we begin the design phase. Together we agree on the design and then the building begins.

DREAM:  We all have dreams; we wouldn’t be human if we didn’t.  Homeowners often close their eyes and imagine how much more they would enjoy their home if certain renovations were possible.  They fantasize about an open living room so they could watch their kids play while they prepare dinner from the kitchen and become increasingly frustrated with the wall that makes this impossible.  And have you ever stood in your shower disappointed with the drab old tiles and dreamt of beautiful new ones and a rain head shower, body sprays, and jet tub?  Perhaps you have been fixated on the idea of a finished basement in which to put a pool table or maybe even simply of adding square footage to your home to create that office space you have always dreamed of.  These are some of the most common wish list items we hear from our clients and it is our great pleasure to build their dream.  Not many people get to see other people’s dreams become reality right before their eyes on a regular basis.  At MLM, we take pride in making that the best part of our business model.

DESIGN:   An architect and designer will meet with you after our initial consultation to begin turning your dream into a reality by creating the design.  This design helps the process unfold by serving as a map and reference point.  It helps the project manager actually manage the expectations for the client.  From the building design to picking out cabinetry, tile, counter tops, paint colors, flooring choices, and any other detail, we take pride in knowing you will be part of the creative process .  We will help guide you to the perfect answer and the perfect color, the perfect surface, or style—whatever it is, we collaborate with you to make sure we are building your vision.  Once the plans are on paper, MLM secures all necessary permits and/or state and county requirements necessary to complete the project up to all local and state codes.

BUILD:  Collaborating with our clients on a design is an amazing and inspiring part of what we do.  There is a real art to putting a vision onto paper.  However, nothing is as rewarding as the building phase.  When we actually see your dream come to fruition, phase by phase, and see the look in your eyes as you stand amidst your completed project, we feel a sense of joy and fulfillment that is indescribable.

John McCambridge –

From Bethesda Maryland, John grew up watching his father run multiple companies and learned quickly that establishing trust with clients through mutual respect was vital to a company’s success.


Christian Lowe –

Born and raised in Kensington Maryland, Christian Lowe has worked in the construction industry for over 15 years and has in-depth experience with every aspect of the industry.