Completing our customers projects on time!! old

A critically important aspect of remodeling is completing projects on time.  So often I hear clients balk at completion dates with responses like, “I will add two weeks to that”.  These prospective clients are reacting to the assumption that there are always delays.  Loose and often missed completion dates are a pandemic problem in the home improvement industry and one that we take every measure to avoid.  We keep a hawk-eye on managing exceptions effectively as the project progresses so that our end dates remain realistic.  This is done through meticulous hands-on management, partnering with industry elite suppliers (local and worldwide), experienced sub-contractors, and, of course, our own skilled and gifted craftsman.  We are always working towards improving in this practice to make your experience as free from disappointment and frustration as possible.  Our reputation as an industry leader depends on your satisfaction and the level of ease and trust you feel throughout this process.
-John McCambridge

Founding Partner