Why do we need a designer? We can do this on our own.

I have walked into many homes and watched fear and apprehension wash over the faces of potential clients when I mention that our process involves a designer.  The assumption is that having a designer on the team means it will be too expensive.   Almost everyone has a budget that they intend to work within.  For those with a more limited budge, the first thought is that the designer is an additional cost that is not needed.  With all the books and TV shows out there on the topic, the idea of a DYI design is seems within many people’s grasp.  It is our opinion, however, that through the consultation process, the prospective client or client will understand at depth how invaluable the designer is to the process and would not even consider eliminating this role.  The designer makes sure the team for adheres to budgets when purchasing materials, and makes decisions at each phase of the building process.  The designer is an assurance on the quality of the build and the management of the materials and budget allocated for these materials.   Would you want a ship without a rudder?  No. You would not. And likewise you would not really want to skimp on this critical piece of the overall package, leaving your dream  to be without its team captain.


John McCambridge

Founding Partner