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The Best Gift of the Holiday Season is a Fully Functioning Roof

Important considerations for DMV + NJ residents to prepare their roof for the Winter season The holiday season is a joyous, yet commonly stressful time for many homeowners. Preparing the house for family gatherings while managing a holiday checklist can seem overwhelming for even the most experienced of hosts. Getting ahead of any home-related maintenance, […]

Asking the Right Questions Before Your Holiday Roofing Project

Important considerations for DMV + NJ residents before working with a contractor As homeowners across the country prepare for the holiday season, those who are hosting are most likely creating the dreaded “honey do” list. A honey do list is a term used for a set of tasks that need to be done in order […]

Tricks to Help Avoid a Spooky Surprise After Hanging Halloween Decorations

Tips For DMV + NJ Residents to Treat Their Roof With Care As the holiday season approaches, millions of American homeowners will be planning to sling lights and hang decorations. Halloween is the first major decorating holiday in the season, with homes transforming from warm, inviting places into ones of scary delight. The incorporation of […]

Check On Your Siding

A part of your home’s exterior that shouldn’t be overlooked is your siding. Vinyl siding is known for its durability and long life-span, which is why homeowners have a blind reliance on it. Checking the status of your siding is crucial because it is the main barrier between what’s happening outside and what’s in your […]

Your Complete Fall Home Prep and Maintenance Plan

Autumn is a time of renewal and gives us a chance to start anew. Since we’ve had the opportunity to take care of our homes and ourselves both inside and out, it’s time to prepare for the fall season and do some home maintenance. This time of the year represents Harvest, which is a time […]

What to Expect Before, During and After a Roof Replacement

Every homeowner will go through the roof replacement process eventually. Getting a new roof and making decisions leading up can certainly be intimidating, but fortunately when you work with MLM we will prepare you as much as we can. Part of this preparedness is letting you know what to expect leading up to, during and […]

Upgrades to Consider During a Roof Replacement

Most homeowners will not plan for a roof replacement many times in their life, which is why it’s important to make the most out of it. If you are in the process of getting a roof replacement, you know the amount of planning and decision making it involves. When it comes to making the right […]

Classic or Trendy? Designing a Roof that Fits Your Style

A guide for DMV + NJ residents on creating the home exterior, starting with the roof. While a homeowner might tackle the repainting of their kitchen or retiling of their bathroom with a level of expertise, most don’t have the same amount of confidence when it involves their roof. Luckily, the basics are the same […]

The Importance Of Roof Flashing

At MLM Home Improvement, we take pride in providing our customers with the honest and professional service. During the process of working with us, our project consultants inform and educate you every step of the way. If you aren’t a roofing professional and have never gone through the process of replacing or repairing your roof, […]