Free Inspections for Insurance Claims (Roof-Siding-Windows)

Has the roof, windows or siding for your property been severely damaged and needs replacement? Schedule a free property inspection for your insurance claim.

If your property has recently sustained severe damage, you may be considering filing a claim against your property insurance to pay for the damages. For your claim to be processed and evaluated, your insurance company will need to see an inspection report from a professional to determine the extent of the damage.


MLM is an experienced improvement company that can replace roofing, siding, windows, gutters and doors that have been damaged to the point of requiring replacement. We can come out to your property and inspect any of these items and provide a report that you can submit to your insurance company when making a claim.


MLM has many years of experience dealing with insurance companies. We have a process in place to inspect, replace and communicate with insurance providers – to limit your stress during this time and get your property restored to its former state.

Schedule your free, no-obligation property inspection today from MLM Home Improvement. Give us a call to speak with our team or fill out our online form to request additional information.


Your insurance policy and company will ultimately determine what type of damage is covered, but we have found the following to be true based on our experience.

Q. Is roof/window/siding damage from a storm covered by property insurance?

A. Storms can cause severe damage to roof, siding and windows that is typically covered by most insurance policies.

Q. What type of storm damage is covered by property insurance?

A. Wind, hail, heavy snow and ice are all storm elements that can cause severe property damage covered by insurance.

Q. Is roof/window/siding damage from fallen trees covered by insurance?

A. Many insurance companies will cover property damage from tree damage that damages your home’s roof, windows and siding.

Q. Can I file an insurance claim for an old roof, windows, doors, etc.?

A. Typically normal wear and tear on the property is typically not covered by insurance. MLM does provide replacement services for these items not covered by insurance. We can provide a cost estimate for replacement and explain available financing options.