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Holiday Door Decor and Installation

They say don’t judge a book by it’s cover, but people certainly judge a home by it’s exterior. Curb appeal, whether we like to admit it or not, is crucial in presenting your home, especially if you are planning to sell in the near future. Almost all exterior projects enhance curb appeal- 3 major projects are roofing, siding and windows. Those are three obvious features of your home’s exterior that affect the curb appeal of your home, but one component that makes a huge difference in curb appeal is your door. When guests arrive at your home, your front door is the only thing they walk up to and physically touch- making an outdated, damaged door affect your curb appeal in a negative way.
It is the holiday season, so we will give some holiday door decor inspiration and some signs that it may be time for you to consider a front door replacement!
Different Door Decor for the Holiday Season
1. A traditional and classic way to decorate your front door during the holidays is to hang a wreath. One of the reasons a wreath remains the most popular holiday door decor is because of it’s versatility. There is the ability to add any sort of accents that complement your style. It can be glitzy, rustic, big or small- you can make it whatever you want!


2. Another favorite that is seen every year is garland. Another versatile decoration, it will fit into any style. Whether it is framing the door, wrapped on a railing leading to the entry way, or just draped over the top of the door, it could easily make your door the focal point of your exterior decor.


3. Lights! Lights don’t have to be deemed a roof and tree decoration! I’ve seen many people this season hang lights around the door frame. If you have recently got a new door and want to show it off- this is the way to do it in your holiday decorating!


When Should You Consider a Door Replacement?
Your Front Door is Damaged
The front door is typically the main entrance to a household. Because of this, it’s susceptible to a lot of damage. Examples of damage are dents, rusting, splitting and squeaky hinges which could put your door’s structural integrity at risk. Between storms, moving impact, rotting from moisture exposure or typical wear and tear your door goes through a lot! All of these examples may eventually lead to security concerns. If your door’s structure isn’t completely secure, it leaves alternative ways to get into your house. For all these reasons, you may want to consider an upgrade!


There is Space Under or Around Your Door
Space under or around your door is not ideal for many reasons. A way to tell if you have an unwanted gap is if you see light shining through. A gap can open the door to insects, rodents, water and drafts. Drafts of cold or hot air coming from your door could leave your house temperatures uncomfortable, and it could also mean there is a gap in your door frame. There are temporary solutions to fix a gap, but you will find yourself replacing seals more and more often as time goes on. If you find there are drafts year after year, replacing your door should be a priority.


An Increase in Energy Bills
Both damage and space underneath your door will lead to air leaks. A draft coming in through your door makes your HVAC work harder to keep the temperature regulated inside, which in turn leads to higher energy bills. This is especially true in the north east where we experience very hot winters and extremely cold winters. If you are experiencing an increase in energy bills and are unsure why, consider replacing your door!

If any of these common issues are occurring, we are here to help! Our priority is our customers and delivering top-rated products with flawless workmanship. Trust us with your next home project and schedule your appointment today!