Take the Time Now to Be Prepared for Seasonal Storms

Evaluate or update your roof in August

August is traditionally viewed as the “dog days of summer,” consisting of many hot, humid, and dry days. However, what’s often overlooked is the fact that August is also the transition into storm season in several areas around the country. With this in mind, we encourage you to be proactive when thinking about your safety, especially ensuring your roof is sound and ready to provide you and your family with the proper protection when stormy weather approaches.

61 percent of Americans have reported utilizing August as a time to inspect, renovate and rebuild their home; however, this number needs to increase significantly as the risk for tropical storms and hurricanes is higher than ever before.

A smart approach to maintaining a safe and beautiful home includes inspecting your property when you have the time to get it done properly. August may provide the perfect opportunity before many of us head back to school and return to more packed, busy work schedules.

Another consideration in favor of inspecting your roof now is that while indoor renovations can be taken care of during the stormy and colder months, any exterior repairs or improvements are better handled when the weather is generally more favorable. Knowing storm season brings the potential for heavy, wind-driven rain that can push water into your home, you can rest assured that your roof is up to the task based upon an inspection, repair or replacement installed by an Owens Corning Platinum Preferred Network Contractor like MLM Home Improvement.

Don’t Get Caught by Fly-By-Night Operations

As professionals, we provide homeowners with peace of mind and always carry the proper licenses and insurance. We follow all current building codes and keep up to date with the latest training requirements for our employees while offering honest and smart advice.
With storm season around the corner, now is not the time to skimp on making sure your home is ready to do its job protecting your family and your possessions. Should an inspection identify the need or if you already know you need a new roof, August is a great time to explore the many attractive and durable options available, and if you are not sure where to start give MLM a call.

Don’t Fall Behind As Demand Increases

It is estimated that homeowners are planning to spend more than ever on high-budget renovations with an average of $75,000 per household ($60,000 in 2021). As a result, contractors and homeworkers are going to be in constant demand heading into the fall season. Getting an inspection done now is the first step to ensuring you have the peace of mind that your roof will protect you during storm season, or have enough time to have any repairs or renovations done before the dark clouds roll in.

Owens Corning has a history of working with top-of-the-line, American made materials to ensure a reliable and cost-effective roofing job. Our products and services have been trusted by thousands of individuals and include a wide variety of materials and styles to meet your budget, needs and design aesthetic.

Make August an Annual Roof Inspection Occasion

In summer, schedules tend to be a bit more open. Whether you are able to take advantage of a few extra hours on a summer Friday or take a day off to enjoy the sun from your backyard oasis, summer days offer a great time to fit in an at-home roof inspection with the trusted local professionals from MLM.

When you schedule an inspection with us, we make sure to review your roof with care and offer honest and smart advice to help maintain your roof. Whether it be for your existing roof or a brand-new roof,
scheduling an inspection annually is the right thing to do and by doing it early, can help avoid the additional cost and stress of an emergency repair.

You can get many great tips and find a helpful roof maintenance checklist posted on the Owens Corning website. If you are overdue for a roof inspection, call MLM to set up an appointment this month and rest easy that you’ve checked off a major task on your long list of to-dos as you head into the busy fall season.

Favor Local Business

Throughout the United States, there are numerous roofing companies and contractors in operation. When you require professional roofing work, it is usually best to hire a local roofing professional. Before you make any commitments on your next roofing project, consider the following reasons to hire a local roofer:

Local roofers are easier to verify.

Supporting local businesses is a wise strategy for maintaining a strong economy and boosting American pride. When it comes to roof renovations, the decision of which company to give your business to should not be taken lightly. Choosing MLM Home Improvement, an Owens Corning Platinum preferred contractor offers the greatest outcomes because we are a locally owned company with representatives who can be by the homeowner’s side during every stage of a roofing job.

To manage your roof work, you must select a roofer with the necessary licenses and certifications. When you request an estimate from a roofer, you might be surprised to learn that it is much lower than you had anticipated; nevertheless, this could indicate that the roofer isn’t really equipped to execute the project properly. It will be a lot simpler for you to do your homework and confidently pick a local roofer if you do so. You can hire MLM Home Improvement as your local roofer with more confidence because we will have our licenses and other qualifications displayed locally and accessible. Such as: We are on top 14 Owens Corning’s Platinum Preferred Contractors.

Lower possibility of compliance problems

Local roofers will be better knowledgeable about the local construction codes and rules. Choosing a local roofer will reduce the possibility that your roof will eventually need to be replaced due to a compliance issue because they will sign all the permits necessary for the job you need done. Even a minor compliance issue might result in additional costs and possibly even legal complications between you and the noncompliant roofer if you hire one from outside your area to complete your project.

Build a relationship with a trusted local professional

We are a locally owned company with staff available to work alongside homeowners during each stage of a roofing job. Unlike fly-by-night contractors, we reside in your neighborhood, where we work and raise our families. As experts, we give homeowners peace of mind and always have the necessary licenses and insurance. We also adhere to all current building laws and keep up with the most recent training standards for our employees.

There is no better time to examine a much-needed roof renovation job than this July, beginning with a consultation with MLM.