In the Washington D.C, Maryland, Northern Virginia Philadelphia,Pennsylvania, And New Jersey areas summer is the best time to do exterior renovations. While some renovations can be done in the winter or shoulder season, most are best left for the warmer months. Freezing temperatures can be hard on materials and hard on installers, increasing the length of time it takes to get done and the cost to you as the homeowner.

Here are some home renovations you should do this summer:

1. Replace your old roof. 

Summer is the best time to have your roof replaced. Cold temperatures can make shingles brittle and they can break easily during installation. This creates wasted materials and extended labour, which translates into a higher cost for you. In the summer, roofing contractors can more efficiently and effectively install your new roof. Once it’s done, you can rest easy knowing your home is well protected as winter blows in. Read these warning signs you need a new roof.

2. New windows and doors. 

When you have a window replacement, the installers must take out your old windows first. That means you’ll have large holes in the wall, exposing your home to whatever weather is happening outside. If you don’t want to freeze, have your windows and doors replaced this summer or fall. Many window installers will not do the job once the temperature reaches a specific low temperature. Since windows play a major role in your home’s energy efficiency, you want to get that job done before the chilly winds and snow flies.

3. New Insulated vinyl siding. 

If your siding is damaged, cracked, loose or faded, it’s time for a replacement. Just like shingles, vinyl siding will crack easily in cold weather. It can also buckle, making installation difficult and time consuming. Because it will take longer to complete, you’ll pay more for labour and installation. You’ll also have to have your home’s bare walls exposed during the installation, which is not great. Avoid damage and make sure your siding replacement is done as good as it can be by having it done in the summer months.


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