5 Most Common Areas Where A Roof Leak Starts

Unfortunately, some people don’t realize they have a leak until it is too late! Leaks are a huge headache for every homeowner, and it can sometimes be difficult to diagnose the cause of it. The good thing is that we have gravity on our side which helps identifies the start of the leak. The bad news is not every material is the same, and some slopes are deceiving. In this blog, we list the 5 most common areas where a roof leak starts.

1. Valleys, A roof valley is where two slopes of the roof meet together. These spots are vulnerable because water collects in these areas. Whether it is snow that melts down, or rain, any issue with the material on this section can potentially allow moisture to leak in to your home.


2. Shingle Issues, Damaged shingles can be the catalyst of a multitude of home problems, especially leaks. If you suspect you have damaged shingles, the first thing we suggest is scheduling an appointment for one of our project consultants to come out and inspect your roof. They look for shingles that are curled under, cracked, missing shingles and more. This inspection is free and will give you valuable information on how to move forward.


3. Gutters, During a rain or snow storm, your gutters play an important role on your home’s exterior. However, if they become clogged or backed up it could be detrimental. It’s important to clear your gutters out if you know a storm is passing through to prevent ice dams and clogged gutters. If you know your gutters aren’t properly doing their job, our project consultants will come out for an inspection and give you more information!


4. Chimney, The flashings above and around the chimney are one of the most common sources of a leak. Chimneys contain several different types of flashing, all of which must be in near perfect condition, or a leak could occur. Even a hairline crack above the flashing can allow vast amounts of water to run behind the flashings and into the home. Our project consultants are trained to spot these compromised areas and will be able to inform you about your specific house further.


5. Vent Pipes, A common spot for a roof leak is around a vent pipe, also known as a plumbing vent, which protrudes from the roof to allow air to vent your plumbing system. A vent pipe is typically surrounded by a rubber or lead flashing that seals the penetration through the roofing system. This flashing may become worn or cracked and often leads to a leak.


Are you worried your roof is experiencing any of these issues? Give us a call, one of our trained project consultants will come out for a free inspection and give you valuable knowledge about the state of your roof! (877) 448-1180


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