Brighten Up Your Home for the Holidays with These Easy Winter Renovation Ideas

Many would agree that there’s nothing better this time of year than having a beautiful, warm, and inviting home to enjoy on cold, dreary winter evenings. Not to mention, the holidays are quickly approaching. For those that love to entertain, making sure your home is in great shape to welcome guests is probably at the top of your list.

Whether you’re trying to make a positive impression on your holiday guests, or simply hoping to enjoy a warm and cozy winter at home, take a look at these ideas from our top roofing contractor team at MLM Home Improvement and get inspired to improve your home this season.

Protect Your Home With Gutter Guards

While they may not be glamorous, gutters are one of the most important features to consider when protecting your home over the winter season. Gutter problems can quickly damage your roofing, soffits, fascia, siding, landscaping, and even cause structural damage to your home and property. There’s no better time than before the holidays are here to make sure your gutter system is working well and free of clogs and potential issues that could lead to water damage over the coldest months of the year.

One of the best winter additions to upgrade your home is with premium-quality gutter guards. At MLM Home Improvement, we highly suggest having an expert contractor install RainPro gutters and gutter guard products to protect your home from mold, mildew, rotting, and other moisture damage now and for many winters to come.

Reinforce Your Rooftop

Leaky rooftops can be caused by a number of factors, including storms and ice dams in freezing weather. Missing shingles, cracks, and leaks are often signs of a larger problem with your roof. In any case, it’s a good idea to have your roof inspected for signs of damage now before the harsh winter weather is here to make things worse. Having smaller issues taken care of now can help to prevent much larger and more expensive problems later when the rain and snow start to fall.

Get Your Home a New Winter Coat

It’s a common misconception that siding—especially vinyl siding—can’t be replaced in cold weather. This is because vinyl siding, before it’s installed, tends to become brittle and to crack in cold weather. This can make it difficult to install correctly, which is why it’s so important for professional contractors to perform the installation. A professional siding company with proven experience in siding installation will know exactly what to do to keep vinyl products from cracking in the process.

That said, giving your home a new winter coat is one of the best home improvement projects you can consider before the winter holiday season. Not only will you benefit from using less energy to heat your home during the cold months, but you’ll probably also be able to take advantage of lower rates and special discounts, and more flexible scheduling times that contractors offer over the winter season.

Give Them an Entrance

Aside from the decorative lights and holiday adornments, there’s nothing more stunning than a beautiful, custom front door when greeting your guests for the holidays. If your entryway isn’t as striking or handsome as it should be, consider replacing it with a custom door that’s sure to impress those dropping by for a visit.

Another great consideration to make for homeowners living in the Maryland and Virginia areas is the installation of a storm door. Storm doors serve to protect the exterior entry doors from scratches and impact damage, and also from winds, insects, and other threats. Storm doors are available in a number of styles and materials and can be personalized to suit your household’s accessibility needs.

Exceptional Home Renovations from MLM Home Improvement

Since 2007, MLM has specialized in providing outstanding roofing, windows, siding, doors, and gutters for homes throughout Virginia and Maryland. We’ve grown fast over the years, earning a reputation amongst our customers for our impeccable work ethic and unparalleled craftsmanship.

If you’d like to discuss ways to make your home more beautiful, functional, and valuable this winter, we’d love to hear from you. Give our team a call to speak with one of our agents over the phone about your project or fill out our online form to schedule a free, no-obligation, in-home estimate.


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