The Earth Day Guide To A Sustainable Roof

The trees are finally budding, the flowers are in bloom and the birds are chirping at the sign of daybreak, which can only mean one thing: spring has finally sprung! As Earth Day approaches on April 22, homeowners can show their appreciation for Mother Earth by using sustainable materials to repair or update their roof.

With Spring being an ideal season for roof renovations, our professionals here at MLM Home Improvement have created a guide so that you can not only have a roof that performs well and looks fantastic, but also does its part to help save our planet.

Insulation Keeps the Home Sustainable and Efficient

Ever wonder why your house never seems to get cool even after you put the air conditioner on full blast? The problem may be in your attic. A poorly insulated roof will frequently trap hot air in the attic during warm weather leading to additional strain on your air conditioning, raising your bills and wasting energy. While the options can seem never ending and potentially overwhelming, calling a certified roofing professional such as one backed by a national manufacturer like Owens Corning, is an essential first step. These professionals will be able to correctly identify any problems and recommend the most cost effective and eco-friendly product.

Show Your True (Lighter) Colors

Everyone wants to have the best-looking roof on the block, but what if you could have a roof that will make both your neighbors and Mother Earth smile? If you’re looking for a sustainable option that is also visually appealing, selecting a lighter color can make all the difference. Similar to fabric, darker colors absorb heat and can direct it inside, raising the overall temperature of your house. Conversely, lighter roof colors do a better job of reflecting the sun’s rays to keep the house cooler – ultimately lowering your energy use (and bill).

Time For A Change

Asphalt shingles are the most common type of roof in the United States. In fact, 80% of home roofing and reroofing project used asphalt shingles. While lighter asphalt shingles are better at reflecting sunlight, there are additional sustainable options you can consider. A switch to a metal can boost your roof’s sustainability as they are excellent at reflecting light and can help prevent unwanted heat from entering your house. They are also commonly made from recycled material and can easily be reused or recycled at the end of their lifetime. Best of all, metal roofs can have a lifespan of up to 50 years, meaning it could be the only roof that you will ever need to install. Given the many options, shapes and sizes including panels or shingles, energy-efficiency never looked so good.

COOL Off Ahead of Summer

Often times, people are hesitant to accept change from asphalt to metal roofs. However, for those that have found it hard to imagine the switch, don’t worry, we have a solution specifically for you! Consider COOL Roof Collection Shingles, which are designed for optimal solar reflection and thermal emission qualities to help keep your house cool during the summer months. When combined with an insulated attic, your roof will be saving you energy and money in no time.

Deciding that you want to make your roof more sustainable is the first step in an important process. Fortunately, your friends MLM Home Improvement at are always ready, willing, and able to assist and advise you every step of the way. Not only will your wallet thank you for it, but the planet will too.

Spring: The Perfect Time for a Roof Replacement

Spring is finally here! For most homeowners, this season is a great time for home maintenance. It’s exciting to leave the winter season and move forward into nicer weather. Plants are growing, flowers are blooming and there is a lot more sunlight!

What snow and overcast skies may have concealed during winter is now on full display and you may be starting to notice some imperfections and damage on your home exterior. Mid-March is the perfect time to get your exterior inspected and, if needed, a roof replacement.


Spring has the best weather for home improvements! The winter weather can hinder installs and occasionally summer brings humidity that isn’t ideal. Spring weather is mild and warm, making it the perfect condition.

Completing home exterior projects in the Spring will also pay off when the hot weather rolls in. Projects such as a roof replacement have proven to be effective in cutting down energy costs when it comes to kicking on your air conditioner. New and improved insulation and ventilation will keep your home comfortable, regardless of the temperature outside!


Summer and fall tend to be a roofing company’s ‘busy’ season, and finding a time to schedule an install can get crazy. Just as we leave winter and enter Spring, there is a sweet spot to take advantage of. Most homeowners may not be getting into the thick of home improvements yet, and it is still considered “off season”, so scheduling an inspection and install should be a breeze!

Possible Winter Damage

As mentioned, winter weather leaves major damage in its path and ignored damage only gets worse. Winter damage is typically caused by ice dams, snow, hail and high winds. Addressing those problem spots early on in the Spring, may save you from costly repairs down the road!

Let us Serve You!

The combination of all of these factors proves that Spring is the best time for a new roof! When you’re ready, schedule a free inspection with MLM. We’ve helped thousands of customers throughout Virginia, Maryland, New Jersey and Pennsylvania and would be happy to serve you!

The March Madness Bracket: Roofing Repairs Edition

Ranking the best roof repair for Maryland, Virginia and New Jersey residents to consider


March Madness is right around the corner and millions of Americans are poised to sit down to fill out the ever elusive ‘perfect bracket’. Instead, homeowners should try their luck with something with a better long-term return – proper roof upkeep. Roof maintenance is a crucial practice in keeping your house in its very best shape.

To help you get on track, our professionals here at MLM Home Improvement have put together a bracket of the top roof repair recommendations to tip-off the madness!

First Round Match Up:

(1) Replacing Your Damaged Shingles vs. (4) Cleaning Your Roof

The number one seed of our bracket is replacing missing or damaged shingles. Leaving a shingle unrepaired can leave your home vulnerable, rendering it susceptible to leaks and dangerous moisture, as well as both structural and electrical damage.

Squaring off against shingle repair is a basic cleaning of your roof! Dirt, moss, and algae build up can potentially disrupt the effectiveness of your shingles. Neglect can lead to moisture being trapped in the shingles or much needed sunlight being blocked.

In the end, while regularly cleaning your shingles can have a significant impact on the efficiency and longevity of your roof, replacing damaged shingles wins this round! Inspecting the state of your shingles is essential, which is why in the event you detect a damaged shingle, it is important to act quickly.

(2) Insulation & Ventilation vs.  (3) Clearing Your Gutters:

Our second matchup features insulation and ventilation facing off against cleaning your gutters. As the higher seed, having the proper insulation and ventilation comes into the matchup as the favorite by our experts at MLM Home Improvement. After all, your attic plays a key role in increasing the life span of your roof, as well as the comfort of your home on a day-to-day basis. A problem with either can lead to heat and moisture buildup, posing a threat to the lifespan of your attic.

On the other hand, we have a fan favorite: cleaning your gutters! Our homes heavily rely on our gutters to guide water away from our roof and foundation and when left clogged, the possibility of moisture penetrating the surface of the roof significantly increases. This can lead to bigger headaches such as roof rots and structural damage.

In the end, while both repairs pull a lot of weight in maintaining comfort and structure, insulation and ventilation wins due to their hidden dangers. While damage may only be visible in your attic, the negative effects of improper ventilation and insulation will also trickle down into the rest of your home including in the form of higher electric bills.

Final Match Up:

(1) Replacing Your Damaged Shingles vs. (2) Insulation & Ventilation

Our final match up features two of the highest ROI roofing projects a homeowner can perform. While the winning margin is very slim, replacing your damaged shingles comes out on top due to its importance and urgency.

Proper insulation and ventilation are vital to comfort and energy efficiency; however, missing shingles will have the same negative outcome in addition to many other long-term consequences. Protecting your home from the elements is the number one job of your roof, and even one missing shingle can put that safety net in jeopardy. Leaks, electrical damage, and dangerous attic moisture are just some of the many possible outcomes of not tending to a damaged shingle in a timely manner.

If you are looking to participate in some March Madness roofing repair this month, be sure to contact you trusted, local professional contractors such as those backed by a national manufacturer like Owens Corning. We can help you get ahead of the game with any roof repair that may be at the top of your bracket.

What Does Hail Damage Look Like?

As a homeowner, it’s important to be aware and prepared for storms that can potentially cause damage to your home, but a weather event such as a hailstorm can be unpredictable. When hail is in the area, there is nothing that is safe in terms of what it can damage. Materials for roofing and siding are built to last, but hail can manage to shorten that lifespan within one storm.

After hail goes through your region, we advise you to conduct a roofing inspection to see if there has been any damage. If the storm was big enough, sometimes you can spot the damage from the ground. If that’s not the case, we recommend calling MLM to come out and perform a free damage assessment.

There are different variables on what can determine the impact of hail damage.

The first factor is wind. During any type of storm, wind speed tends to be sporadic with an ever changing direction and speed. This is why after a hail storm, you may experience excessive exterior damage but your neighbor’s home could be untouched.

The second variable is size and density. Generally speaking, the bigger the storm the bigger the damage. There’s no telling the size of the hail prior to the hailstorm, which makes it even harder to be prepared.

Another factor is barriers. Barriers such as fences, or trees can be great in the defense against a hail storm.

Below are the most common signs of hail damage:

  • Missing roof granules
  • Dents and bruising in shingles
  • Shingle tears or lifted shingles

In addition to inspecting your roof, the most commonly hit place is your gutters. After a hail storm, it’s necessary to inspect your gutters for dents and dings. Although the damage might seem small, any damage on gutters is a sign of trouble ahead.

Inspecting your siding is the next place to look over. Siding materials are built strong to withstand a lot, but depending on the intensity and wind speed of the storm, it’s possible your siding got hit as well. If there is one spot of damage on your exterior, checking everything will ensure you take care of the damage all at the same time to prevent major issues from arising afterward.

MLM is here to help!

If you would like a free, professional damage assessment, we are here to serve you! Give us a call at (844) MLM-ROOF and one of our trained project consultants will come and give you valuable knowledge about the state of your roof.

Fall in Love with Your Roof Again – The Physical and Functional Benefits Of The Roof

Maintenance and design inspiration for DMV and NJ residents to consider when caring for their roof


With Valentine’s Day around the corner, couples will be tending to their relationships by showing care and affection for one another. The old saying goes “home is where the heart is” so, now is the perfect time to focus on the love you share with your home and what helps keep you all safe and protected – your roof! Luckily, our professionals here at MLM Home Improvement have created some relationship advice to get you and your roof on the same page this year with both form and function.

Give your roof some much needed attention:

Your roof serves as the protector of your home, shielding your loved ones from the elements and ensuring you stay comfortable and dry. It’s not only a vital part of the exterior, but also essential to your comfort within the interior of the home in many ways, such as helping to regulate the temperature of the home. Like every relationship, your roof needs some regular attention and sometimes needs a refresh. Certified roofing professionals are the experts you need to help you put some spark back in your relationship, determine exactly what your roof needs, as well as provide intelligent solutions and services to address any issues.

Update Your Roof’s Style with a New Look:

While safety and reliability for harsh weather remain the primary focus of a roof renovation, that doesn’t mean you can’t create a look that you love too! Just like a brand new haircut, a home that aesthetically pleases and reflects who you are can have a significant impact on not only how others view your home, but also how you feel in it. Owens Corning offers a free service called Design EyeQ, which enables homeowners to experience and test out different shingle designs and colors to find out which combination perfectly fits their style.

To Each their Own:

Everyone has their own distinct taste and style, all of which work together to make them unique. When it comes to the roof, it’s no different. If you are looking for a classic look, asphalt may be a great option for you!

If you are in the market for a modern look, metal roofing materials might make a handsome match. Metal roofs are known to be extremely versatile in their design capabilities and their lightweight, yet durable nature is both weather resistant and sustainable. If a unique and warm appearance interests you, a fitting option could be clay tiles. These tiles can even be glazed to provide homeowners with the color of their choice! Whatever a homeowner’s choice may be, it has never been easier to customize the look and appearance of your roof.

Long-Term Commitment:

In a relationship, sometimes doing a little now can go a long way toward cultivating a healthy, long-lasting love. It’s no different when it comes to your home and your roof. By choosing to show your roof a little love here and there by practicing small maintenance habits, such as monthly gutter cleaning and shingle inspection, homeowners can make a lasting impact on the long-term health of their roof. This will save time and money down the road!

Since February is the month dedicated to showing a little extra love, considering taking the time to show your roof that you care. Similar to a relationship with that important someone, a healthy roof requires attention, protection and maintenance to be the best version of itself. If you feel this change could be a good fit for your home and need any help along the way, your friends at MLM Home Improvement are ready and qualified to step up and help make your roof the one of your dreams!

The Best Gift of the Holiday Season is a Fully Functioning Roof

Important considerations for DMV + NJ residents to prepare their roof for the Winter season

The holiday season is a joyous, yet commonly stressful time for many homeowners. Preparing the house for family gatherings while managing a holiday checklist can seem overwhelming for even the most experienced of hosts. Getting ahead of any home-related maintenance, especially when it comes to the roof, is the smart move and can ensure that your family is safe throughout the season.

Our professionals at MLM Home Improvement have created a list of common roofing issues to look out for and how to properly prevent them.

Check the Chimney for Santa:

A common mistake homeowners make when inspecting their home prior to winter weather, is forgetting to check their chimney flashing. If damaged or incorrectly installed, there is a chance of water damage which can lead to serious leaks throughout the home. Homeowners should examine the caulking around the flashing for signs of erosion. If you see peeling, cracking or separation, call your trusted contractor to schedule a professional inspection.

Tame Those Tree Branches:

When left unattended, tree branches can be a real threat to your roof. Strong winter weather can cause them to repeatedly scrape your roof or even break off and damage it when they fall. A good rule of thumb to follow while trimming is to make sure no branch extends within 10 feet of the sides of your roof.

Don’t worry about doing harm to your tree as branches will recover quickly in the spring!

Let Those Gutters Flow Freely:

Your gutters will catch all of the leaves and other debris that blows around, so should it a priority on your maintenance list. These systems are crucial in preventing water from entering your home, making it important that they are able to do their job and can properly direct water flow. When checking gutters, homeowners should ensure that they’re following proper ladder safety to avoid serious injury.

Proper Insulation Protects Your Wallet:

Ensuring your attic insulation is installed correctly will help keep your home the optimal temperature, while also saving on your utility bills. When inspecting the insulation of your attic, keep in mind that over a foot of insulation is usually required to meet standards. If you notice less, or any other damage to the insulation, a call to your local trusted contractor, such as one backed by a national manufacturer like Owens Corning, to repair or replace your insulation can help get you on track for a cost-efficient holiday season.

Reindeer Can Slip on Loose Singles:

It is important for homeowners to stay proactive about monitoring the state of their roof shingles throughout the winter season. If you notice any loose, curling, sagging or damaged shingles, your local roofing professionals can diagnose the situation and recommend the best course of action. Additionally, as you put up your holiday decorations and lights, be sure to avoid nailing anything directly through the shingles to avoid creating a channel for water to seep into your roof.

While it is always a goal to save a little extra during the holiday season by taking on DIY projects, it is also important to be realistic about the jobs you should take on, especially when dealing with your roofing system. Your friends at MLM are equipped to check out the situation and suggest the best course of action!

Asking the Right Questions Before Your Holiday Roofing Project

Important considerations for DMV + NJ residents before working with a contractor

As homeowners across the country prepare for the holiday season, those who are hosting are most likely creating the dreaded “honey do” list. A honey do list is a term used for a set of tasks that need to be done in order for the home to reach peak condition before company arrives. From cleaning the bathroom to changing the light bulbs, homeowners check everything from top to bottom before the party begins. However, what is often neglected in the honey do list is the roof. Yet, there is nothing worse than a leak to interrupt your Thanksgiving dinner or an ice dam to spoil a picturesque white Christmas. 

Should your roof need any last-minute attention, your friends at MLM Home Improvement have put together a few items that should be mentioned to your contractor. 

Double Check Their History:

Using a trusted, reliable contractor is of paramount importance when approaching any home project. Two of the easiest things to research before reaching out are the physical address of the company and what their historical job performance looks like. A company without a listed address could be a contractor working on the move – making it difficult to track them down should something arise following the project. 

For an added layer of assurance, check whether your contractor is affiliated with a major roofing manufacturer, such as Owens Corning. This can give you peace of mind that their training and services have the backing of a leading, national manufacturer. 

Ensure the Project Timeline is Locked In:

Unexpected obstacles and challenges may come up during a job, making it important to have a conversation with your contractor on how they plan to keep the project on schedule. In fact, that conversation is even more important now than ever with supply chain issues and labor shortages posing potential major delays to a home improvement project. 

With that in mind, finding out what, if any, contingency plans that may be in place, is crucial. If you find there are none, asking for them can be key in keeping your home warm and safe before the winter weather hits. Some contractors may promise a firm date that the project will be completed written into the contract, others will have reserve crews and materials on standby should they be needed. Asking these important questions in advance can help avoid potential confusion down the road and help keep a project on track. 

Know the Warranty Situation:

More often than not, roofing manufacturers offer warranties on their products when installed by trained, manufacturer-certified professionals. Additionally, contractors themselves will often offer their customers warranties on their work. While all of this can be confusing, your contracting professional should be able to tell you what is available and help you better understand your situation. 

It is important to keep in mind that while longer warranties may increase the total cost of your project, they are important fallback measures. The last thing a homeowner wants is for something to go wrong with the installation and then be on the hook for a second project.

Doing your due diligence before selecting a contractor is the first step you as a homeowner should take when approaching these last-minute holiday repairs. While you may be eager to start them right away, it’s essential to ask the tough questions to make sure you’re covered down the line. This will give you a higher chance of completion before the guests arrive, as well as your home in peak condition for when it is needed most. 

Tricks to Help Avoid a Spooky Surprise After Hanging Halloween Decorations

Tricks to Help Avoid a Spooky Surprise After Hanging Halloween Decorations

Tips For DMV + NJ Residents to Treat Their Roof With Care

As the holiday season approaches, millions of American homeowners will be planning to sling lights and hang decorations. Halloween is the first major decorating holiday in the season, with homes transforming from warm, inviting places into ones of scary delight. The incorporation of roof decorations can add another level to a home’s festive feel, but also comes with its potential dangers. MLM Home Improvement has developed a list of four tricks to help treat your roof with care during the spooky season. 

Be Sure the Roof Isn’t a Horror Show Before Decorating.

Assessing your roof for potential damage is a must throughout the year, but it becomes especially important before you consider stepping on it or adding decorations. For example, a damaged or missing shingle can not only lead to leaks, but it can become a potential weak spot in the integrity of the roof. Before placing a heavy decoration on your roof, such as a giant spider or spooky ghost, you should scan the roof for any shingles that look misshaped, broken or missing. Your local certified roofing contractor is equipped and qualified to do a full analysis of your roof, identifying problems that the untrained eye may not be able to see. 

Don’t Trick Yourself – Proper Ladder Safety is Needed.

When it comes to the roof, proper ladder safety is essential. Before climbing, be sure to level your ladder to avoid tipping over and firmly secure it to the ground. Having another person help you with ladder stability and providing another set of eyes to the situation can prevent common injuries. Thousands of people are hurt every year in ladder-related accidents. By taking the time to secure and position your ladder correctly, while also having someone else lend a hand, you can avoid a preventable injury that could spoil the holiday. 

Securing Decorations to a Shingle Can Be Scary.

When considering where on your roof to place Halloween decorations and how to secure them, look beyond your shingles. Often, to secure decorations, individuals will use nails or staples – compromising the shingle integrity and setting up a true horror story if moisture is allowed into the roof. This can lead to all sorts of problems such as mold and the rotting of materials. Instead, look out for products that are designed specifically to be easily removed from the roof after the holiday season has passed and only use plastic hooks. 

Lights Illuminate Your Boo-tiful Decorations.

Lights on the roof or around the outside of the home are the signature look to any holiday decoration. However, not all bulbs and extension cords are for outdoor application. It’s vital to use wattage bulbs and extension cords designed to weather Mother Nature. However, before stringing your first bulb, it’s important to clear your gutters of any leaves or debris. Not only is this good maintenance for your roof year-round, but especially as Halloween is during peak fall foliage, these leaves and twigs can become a hazardous fire safety issue if the incorrect bulb heats up near it. 

Your roof is an essential aspect of your home, helping to keep your loved ones safe and warm during the winter holiday months. However, it should be treated with care as you begin to decorate for Halloween and beyond. Whether it is practicing proper safety techniques, ensuring the health of the roof or using proper materials, your roof’s integrity should never be compromised for the sake of a festive design. Both before and after decorating, if you see something out of place or damaged on your roof, call a certified roofing contract such as your friends at MLM Home Improvement and they can help nip a potential problem in the bud before it becomes a true horror show. 

Check On Your Siding - Mlmhi

Check On Your Siding

A part of your home’s exterior that shouldn’t be overlooked is your siding. Vinyl siding is known for its durability and long life-span, which is why homeowners have a blind reliance on it. Checking the status of your siding is crucial because it is the main barrier between what’s happening outside and what’s in your home. Below is a checklist on what to look for when scanning the status of your siding.

Siding Checklist

Rotting or Warping

The first thing to scan for is any rotting or warping of the material. These things can happen to older siding, siding that has been neglected or siding that was installed poorly. If warped or rotted siding is left unfixed, it could cause structural issues and can easily lead to mold.

Dents or Cracks

While looking for any warping, also keep an eye out for dents and cracks. If you notice there are multiple cracks and dents, or loose boards, we recommend scheduling an inspection with professionals to determine your next steps.


There is nothing good that comes from finding moisture anywhere on the exterior of your home. Mold and mildew, if left untreated, can spread and cause pretty significant damage. If mold or mildew is found in the materials of your siding, we recommend calling professionals, like MLM, to come inspect it.

Insulated Vinyl Siding

The most popular material for siding amongst homeowners is vinyl. Vinyl siding is so common due to it’s affordability and low maintenance. However, an upgrade many homeowners opt in for is insulated vinyl siding.

Insulated vinyl siding is simply traditional vinyl siding with rigid-foam insulation attached behind it. This foam provides several benefits, including better resistance to warping and increased R-value, a measure of the insulation’s effectiveness.

One of the main reasons to install insulated vinyl siding over conventional vinyl siding is for energy efficiency. The insulation is designed for this purpose: to regulate the temperature inside your house and to help reduce the cost of utility bills. Adding insulated vinyl will provide monetary savings and overall make your home more comfortable. In the winter, it will keep the heat inside the home and in the summer it keeps the heat outside- it is a layer of protection that will save you money no matter what the season!

Let MLM Serve You

Take another step towards shoring up your home’s energy efficiency with our highly rated insulated siding. We’ll guide you through the process from start to finish and help you choose the affordable siding product that best meets your needs. Call MLM Home Improvement today or fill out our online contact form now to request a no-cost, no-obligation consultation.

Your Complete Fall Home Prep and Maintenance Plan

Autumn is a time of renewal and gives us a chance to start anew. Since we’ve had the opportunity to take care of our homes and ourselves both inside and out, it’s time to prepare for the fall season and do some home maintenance. This time of the year represents Harvest, which is a time to acknowledge growth and expansion as a natural part of our well-being. Just as our lives go through various cycles like growth and rebirth that we see in nature, we can do the same for our homes and ourselves. Read on for a list of fall maintenance tips that will help you get excited about the upcoming season.

Indoor Fall Maintenance Tasks

Consider these tips to help you prepare the inside of your home for the fall season:

Indoor Maintenance

Now is the time to inspect things like your plumbing, electrical wiring, and panels. Ensure that all plumbing is properly insulated and that all outdoor faucets are covered and prepped for cooler weather. Look in the attic to confirm that the roof underlayment is intact and that you have adequate insulation to keep your home warm.


If you have a fireplace, fall is a perfect time to clean or sweep the chimney and have the fireplace inspected. Check your gas stove to ensure it’s working correctly, and ask for an HVAC system inspection to confirm that your heat is working correctly. It’s also an excellent time to change your air filter. If you have oil heating for your home, now is a good time to fill your tank up.
Home appliances. Do a quick inspection of all major appliances to ensure they work. If anything is broken, get them repaired or replaced, particularly your refrigerator, oven, washing machine, and dryer.


Refresh your entire home by doing some thorough decluttering and organizing. Get rid of old electronics like unused cell phones, computers, and small appliances. It’s also a good time to dispose of expired medications. Shred all of your old bills and go through your home office to get rid of outdated paperwork. Fall is also a perfect time to declutter unworn clothing, shoes, bedding, towels, and summer items like hats and swimsuits.


Dust off your spring and summer décor and put it in storage. Now is the time to bring out the autumn and winter décor to celebrate this exciting time of year. Anything that doesn’t work or no longer brings you joy can be donated, sold, or recycled if possible.


This is a perfect time of year to reorganize and declutter the kitchen and pantry, your bathroom cabinets, and the shed or garage. Separate items into things you want to sell, give away or throw in the trash. Clean out your pantry and throw out expired food. Organize dry goods and place them in clear canisters, then label them so you can find them easily.


Look for any items in your home that can go to recycling. You can also do some upcycling and repurpose items like old seasonal décor, discarded clothing, shoes, and even furniture. Get creative and come up with new ways to reuse these items in a whole new way. A simple coat of paint on an old chest or table can give it a brand-new look, for example. Clothing can be sewn into bags or pillows for a fun piece of fall décor.

Outdoor Yard and Patio Fall Maintenance Tasks

Fall is also a great time to do a bit of outdoor maintenance. Here are a few things you can add to your list to prepare for the season ahead.

Outdoor Maintenance

Clean your gutters and remove dead leaves, twigs, and debris. Check all the pipes going into and out of your homes, such as the waterline, gas line, and anything connected to your HVAC system. Look for signs of leaks, rust, or damage so you can get these items repaired now before winter arrives. Test your outdoor equipment like leaf blowers and lawnmowers to ensure that everything is working properly.

Insulate Pipes

While you should insulate your plumbing indoors, it’s also time to insulate and protect those outdoor exposed pipes too.
Check for leaks in windows and doors. Do a “draft test” to confirm that there are no leaks in your doors and windows. Add new weather-stripping to keep all windows and doors properly sealed.
Inspect your roof. Look for possible signs of leaks in your roof and keep an eye out for missing shingles. Get all roof repairs done now before winter snow arrives to protect your home and property.

Take Care of Your Garden

Rake leaves in your yard and put them in bags, cover any garden plants that need to be kept warm, and fertilize your plants so they will thrive through the season. Trim dead tree limbs and make sure that all of your plants are properly trimmed, and cover them with burlap (if required). You can also decrease the amount of outdoor watering you need to do during this time of year.
Do a yard and garden sweep. Some areas of the country aren’t impacted by autumn weather until later in the year. If this applies to you, just do a quick cleanup of the yard or garden and determine what you need to put away now and what you can put away later. Check on items that still work, like your outdoor lighting, and confirm if anything needs repair. It’s also a great time to declutter old outdoor items and either donate them or throw them away.

Upcycle Garden Items

This is also a wonderful time to see if anything outdoors can be recycled or upcycled and turned into something new. Take old wooden palettes and turn them into planters or furniture. Paint your outdoor planters in new fall colors or use some of your outdoor décor to make a cute birdhouse.

Create a Schedule For Outdoor Tasks

Work on creating a schedule for a few outdoor activities you’ll need to tackle later when it gets closer to winter. Some items include checking the roof and gutters to prevent ice dams and a checklist to ensure you have everything you need, like snow boots, snow shovels, and deicers.

Make Another Maintenance List

Your home isn’t the only thing that needs a little bit of fall maintenance. Make a quick list of other items to check on, like your car, shed or garage, and driveway and walkway. Repair any cracks you see now before winter arrives to prevent them from growing and getting worse.

Celebrate The Beginning of Autumn

Since Autumn is a time to start anew, it’s also a perfect time to celebrate. Keep these tips in mind to help you celebrate the upcoming season.

Declutter Your Life

This is a wonderful time to declutter, clean, and toss out anything that brings you unhappy memories. Only keep the things in your home that bring you joy and happiness. Remember that is not about getting your act together.m

Do Some Fall Rituals

Fall is a perfect season to practice self-care with a few simple rituals like yoga or meditation. Play some soothing music, enjoy a long bubble bath, or read a good book to help your mind and body reset.

Light Some Candles

In addition to some fall rituals, it’s a perfect time to light some scented candles. Aromatherapy can uplift your mood and give your home a beautiful fall-like ambiance. An essential oil diffuser is another great way to fill your home with the fragrances of autumn.

Buy New Décor

Decorating your home is a wonderful way to celebrate every season, including autumn. Add a faux autumn leaf garland to your fireplace mantel, hang some fall wreaths, or fill your home with fun Halloween décor. You can also upcycle and create new décor from some of the old stuff you have lying around. This is also a great way to have some fun arts and crafts time with the family.
Celebrate the harvest. Head out to a local farmer’s market and buy fresh produce to celebrate the autumn harvest. A fun hayride or a visit to a local pumpkin patch will get everyone excited about the changing season.

Make Delicious Fall Treats

Get excited about autumn by trying out some new recipes. Make homemade apple cider, bake a pumpkin pie, or come up with your own delectable fall dinners and desserts.
Doing a few easy maintenance tasks for your home is an integral part of taking care of your property as the seasons change. It’s also essential to maintain all your material items and, of course, yourself, too. By decluttering, organizing, and even checking on your health, you can get ready to enjoy the fall season and embrace the growth of what this new season will bring.

Doing a few easy maintenance tasks for your home is an integral part of taking care of your property as the seasons change. It’s also essential to maintain all your material items and, of course, yourself, too. By decluttering, organizing, and even checking on your health, you can get ready to enjoy the fall season and embrace the growth of what this new season will bring.