Count Your Blessings and Give Back to the Community This Holiday Season

As we move further into the holiday season, it is clear that festivities will look very different from past celebrations. Understanding this year has been full of unexpected surprises and has been tougher on many of us than we could have anticipated, our team at MLM Home Improvement, an Owens Corning Roofing Platinum Contractor, are taking the time to appreciate the positive aspects of our lives by observing National Roof Over Your Head Day.

Following closely after Thanksgiving, National Roof Over Your Head Day was created as a day to remind us all to be thankful for what we have, starting with the roof overhead. Traditionally celebrated by giving back to our communities, we have compiled a list of suggestions for how residents can help their community and those who have been impacted by the pandemic.

Donating extra holiday food to food pantriesAs we begin to plan and shop for the holidays, consider purchasing extra items to help fill local pantries. Keep an eye out on local discounts and deals being offered by your grocery store. For example, if there are two for one deals or some larger chains may even offer a complimentary ham or turkey by spending a certain amount, this extra food could be donated to a food pantry. Due to the economic impact of the pandemic, more Americans than ever are facing food insecurity this holiday season. By leveraging deals and discounts from our local grocers, we can support our local businesses and potentially help a neighbor in need who may have trouble putting dinner on the table.

Think of the elderlyWith the number of cases once again on the rise, many families will be unable to spend the holidays together as they would in the past. However, as a high-risk demographic this will disproportionately impact the elderly, especially those in nursing homes where outbreaks have occurred frequently. With that in mind, a popular trend throughout these unprecedented times has been to send letters and drawings to those residing in nursing homes. This provides a link to the outside world and companionship to someone who may otherwise be spending their time in isolation.

Give someone the gift of shelterWhile the economy has begun to rebound from the dramatic downturn due to COVID-19 lockdowns, there may be those in our community who have faced evictions and are now without shelter. With much of the country experiencing colder weather due to the arrival of winter, having adequate shelter will be critical. Consider taking advantage of holiday sales and online shopping for blankets, sleeping bags or even a tent on sale and donate to a local homeless shelter.

Although this year has truly been unexpected and we may not be celebrating how we normally would, that does not mean that the spirit and sentiment behind the season has changed. In honor of National Roof Over Your Head Day, we are proud to have been able to support this community in its time of need.

2020 may not have turned out to go how we were expecting, but one good thing that has come from this experience is the resiliency our community has shown. We have banded together to help those in need and as we head into 2021, we hope area residents continue to carry on with this tradition and keep this sentiment of giving and having gratitude at the forefront.


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