Debunking the Most Common Roofing Misconceptions

Homeowners are constantly looking for tips and tricks to save money on home repairs. However, while it is tempting to trust advice and information from friends or that ultra-handy neighbor, your home is too important to take shortcuts, especially when dealing with your roof. After all, your roof is your home’s primary defense against the elements.

With many myths out there, we at MLM Home Improvement, an Owens Corning Roofing Platinum Contractor, understand it can be hard for residents to determine fact from fiction. Taking three of the most common roofing myths, we will unravel the reality behind these misconceptions.

Myth #1: You can DIY minor roof repairs. While tackling projects around the house is satisfying and cost-saving, repairing a roof is another league of DIY home repair. Instructional videos and online guides may make it seem feasible, however, even for minor repairs, remember that it is often safer to call in a professional. After all, roofers have the expertise and safety equipment including harnesses, ladders and a full team of experienced professionals to get the job done both properly and most importantly, safely. A DIY job may sound impressive and definitely “wow” the neighbors, but in the long-run a professionally repaired roof will hold up longer and stronger.

Additionally, professionals will also be able to inspect for potential damage that may not be glaringly obvious to regular homeowners and supply a more accurate diagnosis on the state of your roof.

Myth #2: You should only call a roofing contractor when there is a leak or visible damage. The same way you go to the doctor for checkups when you are healthy, you should schedule annual roof inspections to catch issues before they fester and cause major damage.  Although roofs in general have long lifespans, it is critical to periodically assess your roof to ensure optimal performance. Professional roofers can detect signs of deterioration before they are visible from the outside or noticeable from inside your home.

Regular check-ups can also mean the difference between catching a small crack or leak early on before the damage might take thousands to repair.

Myth #3: Moss on your roof is a charming, rustic and harmless aesthetic. Moss may look charming and add a certain aesthetic appeal to your home, however, it is extremely harmful to your roof. The truth is that this plant, which grows in damp, shady environments, is too heavy for your roof to host safely. In fact, it causes shingles to rot and coincides with the growth of mold.

If seen on your roof, it is recommended to hire a local contractor immediately to remove it. While moss may seem easy to remove, poor technique when scrubbing, or power-washing can lead to loosened shingles and granules being removed.

Being an informed homeowner will save you money and keep your family and property safe. This involves drawing a line between DIY work and hiring a professional. Make sure you look for a contractor backed by a national manufacturer, like Owens Corning, to know it’s someone you can trust.


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