How To Care For Your Vinyl Siding During Winter

A huge benefit to getting vinyl siding is that is requires very little maintenance. Vinyl is known to be durable and long lasting but like anything else on the exterior of your home, elements can shorten its lifespan. Although no one thinks to do house maintenance in the winter months, these few simple practices could add years to your siding!


Why do I need to do this maintenance in the winter?
During winter months, your house is going through a lot of different changes. Outside elements such as freezing and unfreezing temperatures, snow, rain hail and high winds all negatively affect your siding. When water is sitting on your vinyl, you risk the chance of having mold build-up on the side of your house, and when dirty snow begins to melt of your home, the dirt lingers on your siding. These are all very commonly dealt with issues, but when neglected lead to a costly project.


How do I clean my vinyl siding?
Cleaning vinyl siding is a very simple process. The tool that works best is either a soft cloth or soft bristled brush and the best direction to go is from bottom to top to prevent streaking.
A solution of 70% water and 30% white vinegar makes a great all-purpose vinyl siding cleaner that removes light mold and mildew stains. Another option is 3 parts water and 1 part bleach. For tougher stains, household cleaning products such as Lysol will do the trick. We recommend rinsing as you go as well.


Cleaning your vinyl just once a winter could yield great results for the lifespan of your siding. Neglecting your home exterior will cost you down the road! If you notice that your siding is past the point of no return, give us a call! Between our competitive pricing and large selection of colors and styles, you are sure to be 100% satisfied!


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