How To Choose The Right Window Style For Your Home

Windows are an important part of the home. They connect us to our outside surroundings, provide natural light to enter in the home and serve to keep your house cross-ventilated. A room without windows feels stuffy, dark and gloomy. Aside from their functionality, windows also provide some exterior style. So, how do you choose the perfect window style to fit your home? Here are some tips to keep in mind next time you are replacing your windows!
1. Decide the Purpose
Before you decide on a style, it’s important to think about the purpose they will serve in the space. Will it be an entry way to the outside in form of a sliding door? Is it the window in the pantry that will let light in? Are you replacing windows in a sun room that will be floor to ceiling? These considerations will steer you in the right direction when picking out the style of the window.
2. Consider Ventilation
There are fixed windows and there are operable windows. An important function of windows is of course letting fresh air into the home. In addition to finding the purpose of the window, considering the amount of ventilation you will want will also help you decide the type of window style!
3. Home’s Architectural Style
One of the first steps in choosing windows is considering your home’s architectural style! There are so many options of styles, if your home is modern you may want floor to ceiling glass windows but if it’s more of a traditional style home you may want classic diamond-shaped mullions. Adhere to your home’s architectural style for guidance.
4. Different Functions
In the category of operable windows, there are so many different kinds and styles. Many homes utilize the classic sash window – which means the moveable portion of the window can either move up or down or left to right. Double hung windows move up and down and horizontal sliders move horizontally. Awning windows are popular in apartments and older homes and they are top or bottom hinged to allow the window to open at an angle. Hopper windows that are hinged at the bottom are used mainly over doorways or windows and should be protected by an exterior eave to shield from the elements.
5. Let MLM Help
Our consultants are professionally trained to give you the best options for your home. Our commitment to serving our customers with family-like service is unwavering. If you are considering replacing your windows, call today to schedule a free consultation 844-MLM-ROOF!

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