Leverage the Natural Look of Wood in Your Home

When decorating your home, whether on the outside or the inside, leveraging the natural look of wood can be a daunting task. After all, there are many different types of woods and wood stains, which can be difficult to pair and match together. Figuring out ways to make the natural look of wood in your home suit your desired aesthetic can make or break the appearance of your house.

Leveraging the natural look of wood must be taken into consideration when remodeling your home, as you will need to choose the right materials and plan accordingly. Utilizing a professional home improvement company, such as MLM Home Improvement, can help make the job much easier. Here are a few tips to help you leverage the natural look of wood in your home.

Use Your Samples

When you set out to go shop for the materials on your next project, for example, when choosing new replacement windows, get a sample of the wood in your home to take to the window company to see what matches best. You’ll want the window frames or whatever material you’re using to remodel your home to pair well with the rest of your home. If you are unable to locate a sample from your wooden furniture, you can always use a high-quality photo to help match up against different window materials to see what is going to work best.

Match Interior Wood Tones

When looking at adding wooden furniture or completing a home improvement project to change the interior of your home, take the current wood tones into consideration to match that specific room. Wood tones in all different tones can be overwhelming, giving off a less sophisticated look than what you might want.

Replacement windows made of wood and wooden doors, or those made of synthetic wood materials are going to need to match or at the very least not clash with the current wood tones of the room. If you do mix and match wood colors, make sure you choose at least one dominant wood type that will serve as the base color. This dominant wood element—let’s say, the beautiful, custom wood front entry door of your home—should serve as the main color that sets the tone of the entire room.

Pay Attention to Undertones

If you’ll notice, all wood pieces have an undertone to them—and they’re not always the same according to type. The undertone can vary according to the cut, grain, stain, and finish of the wood. For example, your oak cabinets might have a green, red, yellow, pink, or another color as its undertone. In general, the tones will be classified as either “warm” or “cold” according to the undertone. Try and match the rest of your wood to the dominant wood undertone in the home for the most coordinated results.

Tie Together Wood Tones with Accessories

Use a rug, artwork, blinds or curtains, or other things to tie in contrasting wood tones of all colors. A colorful rug or other elements that feature all the wood tones will help the contrasting colors to complement the overall design of the room, rather than looking out of place and mismatched.

Balance Close Finishes Throughout the Room

When adding wooden windows or doors to a room, you will want to make sure that the wood that is used for these materials is balanced with the wooden furniture you have in the room. For example, if you have a darker, harder wood as trim around your couches, and your nearby windows are framed in a lighter wood tone, try moving the couches to the other side of the room. Spacing them out a bit will help balance out the darkness of the wood with the rest of the lighter elements in the space.

Home Improvement Services in the DMV Area

Now that you have a better idea on how you can use natural wood to bring out the best design in your home, it’s time to start planning your next home improvement project with us at MLM Home Improvement.

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