Excellent experience

We took our chances when a gentleman knocked on our door to offer roof replacement. We have been thinking about it and were hesitant to use MLM but after reading the company’s reviews, we decided to meet up with Brad Bjork. He was very knowledgeable and professional and was the reason we signed up with the company. He went the extra mile to show us options and make sure we were happy with our choices.
Everyone else who came after him, who we dealt with for scheduling and questions, like Chris Mulligan, were also very prompt and professional.
Although I had little interaction with the roof workers who came, they did a fine job. Mr Mulligan contacted me to find out what and how I want to deal with any concerns I had. Anything that had to be cleaned up after the job was done and addressed very satisfactorily by the team headed by Nelson Gomez.
The gutter people also did a great job.
Josh Knepper, the project manager, did a site inspection a few times and was very thorough and helpful with this and answered questions regarding other house issues we had.
I cannot recommend MLMHI enough. They were prompt, professional and the kind of company that I would want to work with any time.