Needed Roof Replacement

Our initial contact with MLM was cold-call to our neighborhood.
We had anticipated having our 25+ year-old roof replaced the following Spring but the negotiated offer with MLM convinced us now was the time for action.
The on-going communication with us by MLM’s friendly staff was impressive and put us at ease.
Two weeks after signing the contract with MLM, rain started dripping into our house for the first time; that convinced us we’d made the right choice. MLM’s project manager came out and caulked the suspected leak areas.
On the scheduled day the work crew arrived first thing and worked until after dark. A number of 4’x8′ deck panels were (unexpectedly) found damaged and needed replacement (at additional cost). We gladly had this done to avoid further problems with water intrusion.
Once done, our home’s new roof looked great and clean-up of the work area was thorough.
MLM workers came out the following day to inspect the work and make final adjustments.
MLM’s project manager then visited to ensure we were completely satisfied, and even went up on a ladder to caulk several areas about which I was concerned (I had installed several screw eyes through the drip edge to secure antenna guy wires).
The bottom line: We are completely satisfied both with the quality of work and the supportive staff at MLM.
We recommend them for your roofing repair or replacement needs..