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MLM Home Improvement – a leading local commercial roofing contractor known for our exceptional track record in delivering high-quality commercial roofs.

MLM Home Improvement is a reputable local roofing company specializing in efficient roof replacements while ensuring uninterrupted business operations. Safety remains our utmost priority throughout every commercial roofing project, demonstrating our expertise in commercial roofing systems and adherence to the latest safety protocols. Our exceptional safety record is a testament to our extensive experience and commitment to excellence in commercial roofing for commercial buildings.

Our team of local commercial roofers has completed numerous large-scale commercial roofing projects. At MLM Home Improvement, we ensure the delivery of exceptional work and excellent service with every roofing project. As a reputable commercial roofing company specializing in modified bitumen roof systems, our guiding principle is simple: doing what’s right. With extensive experience and a strong commitment to our community, we stand out from the competition in the roofing industry thanks to our outstanding reputation.

When you choose MLM Home Improvement for your commercial roofing needs, you can have peace of mind knowing that your business is in capable hands. Our experienced team of roofing contractors specializes in installing flat and low-slope roofing projects. We prioritize the safety, dryness, and protection of your business. Hire a reliable team of local roofing professionals – Give us a call today!

Trust Our Team of Professional Commercial Roofers

When it comes to commercial roofing, there are countless contractors to choose from. However, if you’re in search of the best commercial roofing company with top-quality roofing materials, look no further than MLM Home Improvement. Our team of highly skilled roofing contractors specializes in a wide range of commercial roofing services, including commercial roof replacements, flat roof repairs, roof coatings, and commercial roof repairs. With years of experience and an exceptional reputation, we are dedicated to delivering the highest quality craftsmanship for all your commercial roofing needs. Trust us to provide outstanding solutions and unparalleled service in the industrial roofing sector.


At MLM Home Improvement, we specialize in delivering top-notch commercial roofing services for industrial buildings. Our team of skilled commercial roofers is dedicated to providing exceptional craftsmanship using top-quality roofing material. We understand the importance of curb appeal for building owners. Take the first step towards enhancing your business’s curb appeal by requesting a complimentary, no-obligation estimate for our superior commercial roof installation services.

Commercial Roofing Systems That We Replace

At MLM Home Improvement, we take pride in our skilled crews of commercial roofers who specialize in various types of commercial roof systems. Whether you have a flat roof, a sloped roof, or any other type of commercial roof, you can rely on us to provide a complete guide with comprehensive maintenance, repair, and replacement services. Please feel free to contact us today or give us a call to request a complimentary estimate. We would be happy to assist you.



Although the initial installation cost of metal roofing may be higher, its remarkable lifespan of 50 years or more makes it a truly worthwhile investment. Not only are metal roofs highly durable, but they also require minimal maintenance. Furthermore, they provide exceptional resistance against fire, hail, punctures, and other types of damage. Our commercial roofer can install metal roofs on your commercial property and provide you with the best long-term protection for your business.


EPDM flat roofing is a preferred option for commercial roofs across the United States. It utilizes a synthetic rubber material that offers excellent durability and cost-effectiveness in the short and long term. Additionally, EPDM roofs can be installed efficiently, ensuring a swift and hassle-free process. Our commercial roofer, MLM Home Improvement, has extensive experience with EPDM roofing and can provide top-notch installation services.


TPO has become a popular choice for commercial roofing systems due to its exceptional qualities. When installed and maintained correctly, TPO roofs can last up to 30 years. It’s worth noting that TPO is classified as Class A fire-rated and offers the flexibility to be either reflective or retentive, making it a versatile option. Our commercial roofer team at MLM Home Improvement has the experience and expertise to handle TPO installations with precision and care.

MLM Home Improvement was established based on the principles of superior craftsmanship, along with unwavering honesty, integrity, and professionalism. Our meticulous planning ensures minimal disruption to your operations during tear-off and reroofing, while also maintaining a clean and safe commercial site throughout the process. Additionally, our company takes extra measures to set up a protective barrier during tear-off to safeguard your building from any potential damage.

Our commercial roof replacement process has undergone rigorous testing and refinement for over four decades. Our certified team of highly skilled commercial roofers diligently adheres to the highest standards. Furthermore, our project planners are ready to assist you in choosing the optimal roof for your building, carefully considering your budget and specific requirements. Contact us today!