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Before and After We made this house look like new with architectural shingles, gutters, and brand new shutters!

Replacing your roof does more than just keep you warm and dry – a fresh roof can completely transform the look of your home. Updating small details like gutters and shutters, or larger ones like your full siding, will personalize your home and make it feel like you just bought it.

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3 Signs A Home’s Window Seal Has Failed

Unlike the windows of the past, most windows today have two or more glass panes that are sealed completely around the edges with a rubbery sealant, whose function is to keep out humidity. Most windows also have a form of gas (either krypton or argon) that are used to further reduce the chance of heat or air coming through. The sealant surrounding the glass panes have the possibility of failing. Understanding what that failure may look like will have you prepared on what to do next!
3 Signs The Seal Has Failed
1. Condensation
The number 1 sign that the sealant has failed is condensation. The purpose of this rubbery elastic coating is to act as a thermal barrier so heat transfer is lessened. A broken seal leaves room the space between the windows to be exposed to humidity fluctuations. An increased change in the humidity will leave moisture in between the two glass panes causing condensation. Bottom line: if you are seeing water, fog or frost in between the glass panes of your window, the seal has most likely failed.
2. Distortion Of The Glass
Another sign of a failed window seal is distorted glass. The inert gas that is in between the glass panes is at an equilibrium. As soon as the seal breaks and disrupts the gas, it affects the structural integrity of the glass panes and is major visual change. Bottom line: If your glass is distorted, even though there may not be condensation, your seal has most likely failed.
3. Dirty Windows From The Inside
A window seal not only acts as a thermal barrier, but is also a barrier that keeps out dust, dirt and bugs from getting anywhere close to inside your home. One of the most obvious signs that your seal has broken, is if your windows appear to be dirty although you have just cleaned them. The dirt, bugs and dust will appear in between the panes, impossible to clean out. Bottom line: If you have cleaned both the inside and the outside of your windows, but they still look dirty, the dirt is most likely lurking between the panes and is caused by seal failure.
These failures could be caused by a number of reasons including defective manufacturing, poor installation, extreme weather conditions or they may fail as the windows age.
Now that you have the tools to know when it is a seal failure, the first step we recommend is checking the warranty. If the windows are still under warranty, it should be an easy replacement! If they are not, call MLM and schedule an inspection. We will be able to give you a free estimate so you can decide the next steps for your home! Call us at 844-MLM-ROOF, we would be proud to serve you!