Asking the Right Questions Before Your Holiday Roofing Project

Important considerations for DMV + NJ residents before working with a contractor

As homeowners across the country prepare for the holiday season, those who are hosting are most likely creating the dreaded “honey do” list. A honey do list is a term used for a set of tasks that need to be done in order for the home to reach peak condition before company arrives. From cleaning the bathroom to changing the light bulbs, homeowners check everything from top to bottom before the party begins. However, what is often neglected in the honey do list is the roof. Yet, there is nothing worse than a leak to interrupt your Thanksgiving dinner or an ice dam to spoil a picturesque white Christmas. 

Should your roof need any last-minute attention, your friends at MLM Home Improvement have put together a few items that should be mentioned to your contractor. 

Double Check Their History:

Using a trusted, reliable contractor is of paramount importance when approaching any home project. Two of the easiest things to research before reaching out are the physical address of the company and what their historical job performance looks like. A company without a listed address could be a contractor working on the move – making it difficult to track them down should something arise following the project. 

For an added layer of assurance, check whether your contractor is affiliated with a major roofing manufacturer, such as Owens Corning. This can give you peace of mind that their training and services have the backing of a leading, national manufacturer. 

Ensure the Project Timeline is Locked In:

Unexpected obstacles and challenges may come up during a job, making it important to have a conversation with your contractor on how they plan to keep the project on schedule. In fact, that conversation is even more important now than ever with supply chain issues and labor shortages posing potential major delays to a home improvement project. 

With that in mind, finding out what, if any, contingency plans that may be in place, is crucial. If you find there are none, asking for them can be key in keeping your home warm and safe before the winter weather hits. Some contractors may promise a firm date that the project will be completed written into the contract, others will have reserve crews and materials on standby should they be needed. Asking these important questions in advance can help avoid potential confusion down the road and help keep a project on track. 

Know the Warranty Situation:

More often than not, roofing manufacturers offer warranties on their products when installed by trained, manufacturer-certified professionals. Additionally, contractors themselves will often offer their customers warranties on their work. While all of this can be confusing, your contracting professional should be able to tell you what is available and help you better understand your situation. 

It is important to keep in mind that while longer warranties may increase the total cost of your project, they are important fallback measures. The last thing a homeowner wants is for something to go wrong with the installation and then be on the hook for a second project.

Doing your due diligence before selecting a contractor is the first step you as a homeowner should take when approaching these last-minute holiday repairs. While you may be eager to start them right away, it’s essential to ask the tough questions to make sure you’re covered down the line. This will give you a higher chance of completion before the guests arrive, as well as your home in peak condition for when it is needed most. 


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