Not Your Father’s Roof: The Evolution of Roofing

A Guide for DMV & NJ residents on advancements in roofing

Similar to construction, it is often misperceived that the roofing industry may not have been innovative over time. However, in recent years, and especially during this past one, roofing has seen many advancements from how contractors are leveraging new technology to the design aspects and installation of roofs.

In celebration of National Roofing Week, which takes place each June, we, MLM Home Improvement, are highlighting the strides made by our industry that has enhanced the safety and security of communities, as well as benefited DMV & NJ residents.

Technology That’s Here to Stay

Prior to the pandemic, the roofing industry had already been adopting and implementing new technology. However, as an essential industry, contractors have had to quickly adapt to the new landscape in order to keep both workers and customers safe.

For example, as social distancing guidelines became more stringent, we needed to rethink how we were interacting with both each other and our customers. To address this, there has been some unique use of innovation throughout the industry from the use of drones to evaluate a roof before we appear on-site to something as easy as video conferencing with customers to minimize in-person meetings.

In fact, thanks to this technology, it has never been easier for customers to communicate with trusted, local contractors. As people have been spending more time at home, the importance of maintaining and updating their roof has been even more critical. Yet, many may have been concerned to work in close proximity with a contractor.

Luckily, trusted contractors, like those backed by national manufacturers such as Owens Corning, have taken the necessary steps to conduct business safely and ease customer’s worries.

Designs That Add Beauty and Functionality 

As with other aspects of roofing, the design options of shingles have evolved through the years and customers have more choices than ever. For those of us living in storm-heavy areas, impact-resistant roofing shingles – sometimes referred to as “IR” roofing shingles – are designed to help minimize roof damage during a severe weather event. They can even potentially extend the life of the roof.

However, as roofs are made to, at minimum, last 10 years between updates, homeowners should consider balancing aesthetics with utility that will help set the feeling to the environment you would like to create. For 2021, colors that are calm and peaceful and can be found in nature have been popular. In fact, Owens Corning declared the 2021 Colors of the Year to be Aged Copper and Aegean Teal to bring a look of warmth and comfort to your home exterior.

Advancements in Insulation and Ventilation 

To increase the durability and benefits of the entire roofing system, innovations to insulation and ventilation have been critical. After all, the combination of attic insulation and a balanced ventilation system works to keep excessive household moisture and heat out, meaning the proper conditions and temperature are better maintained in the attic and on the roof deck throughout the year.

While the type of insulation depends on the specifics of your home, consider fiberglass batts or blown-in, loose fill insulation, which can help reduce greenhouse emissions.

As the roofing industry continues to evolve to meet the needs of homeowners, we are excited for DMV & NJ residents to continue experiencing these benefits for years to come.


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