Spring: The Perfect Time for a Roof Replacement

Spring is finally here! For most homeowners, this season is a great time for home maintenance. It’s exciting to leave the winter season and move forward into nicer weather. Plants are growing, flowers are blooming and there is a lot more sunlight!

What snow and overcast skies may have concealed during winter is now on full display and you may be starting to notice some imperfections and damage on your home exterior. Mid-March is the perfect time to get your exterior inspected and, if needed, a roof replacement.


Spring has the best weather for home improvements! The winter weather can hinder installs and occasionally summer brings humidity that isn’t ideal. Spring weather is mild and warm, making it the perfect condition.

Completing home exterior projects in the Spring will also pay off when the hot weather rolls in. Projects such as a roof replacement have proven to be effective in cutting down energy costs when it comes to kicking on your air conditioner. New and improved insulation and ventilation will keep your home comfortable, regardless of the temperature outside!


Summer and fall tend to be a roofing company’s ‘busy’ season, and finding a time to schedule an install can get crazy. Just as we leave winter and enter Spring, there is a sweet spot to take advantage of. Most homeowners may not be getting into the thick of home improvements yet, and it is still considered “off season”, so scheduling an inspection and install should be a breeze!

Possible Winter Damage

As mentioned, winter weather leaves major damage in its path and ignored damage only gets worse. Winter damage is typically caused by ice dams, snow, hail and high winds. Addressing those problem spots early on in the Spring, may save you from costly repairs down the road!

Let us Serve You!

The combination of all of these factors proves that Spring is the best time for a new roof! When you’re ready, schedule a free inspection with MLM. We’ve helped thousands of customers throughout Virginia, Maryland, New Jersey and Pennsylvania and would be happy to serve you!


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