The Best Gift of the Holiday Season is a Fully Functioning Roof

Important considerations for DMV + NJ residents to prepare their roof for the Winter season

The holiday season is a joyous, yet commonly stressful time for many homeowners. Preparing the house for family gatherings while managing a holiday checklist can seem overwhelming for even the most experienced of hosts. Getting ahead of any home-related maintenance, especially when it comes to the roof, is the smart move and can ensure that your family is safe throughout the season.

Our professionals at MLM Home Improvement have created a list of common roofing issues to look out for and how to properly prevent them.

Check the Chimney for Santa:

A common mistake homeowners make when inspecting their home prior to winter weather, is forgetting to check their chimney flashing. If damaged or incorrectly installed, there is a chance of water damage which can lead to serious leaks throughout the home. Homeowners should examine the caulking around the flashing for signs of erosion. If you see peeling, cracking or separation, call your trusted contractor to schedule a professional inspection.

Tame Those Tree Branches:

When left unattended, tree branches can be a real threat to your roof. Strong winter weather can cause them to repeatedly scrape your roof or even break off and damage it when they fall. A good rule of thumb to follow while trimming is to make sure no branch extends within 10 feet of the sides of your roof.

Don’t worry about doing harm to your tree as branches will recover quickly in the spring!

Let Those Gutters Flow Freely:

Your gutters will catch all of the leaves and other debris that blows around, so should it a priority on your maintenance list. These systems are crucial in preventing water from entering your home, making it important that they are able to do their job and can properly direct water flow. When checking gutters, homeowners should ensure that they’re following proper ladder safety to avoid serious injury.

Proper Insulation Protects Your Wallet:

Ensuring your attic insulation is installed correctly will help keep your home the optimal temperature, while also saving on your utility bills. When inspecting the insulation of your attic, keep in mind that over a foot of insulation is usually required to meet standards. If you notice less, or any other damage to the insulation, a call to your local trusted contractor, such as one backed by a national manufacturer like Owens Corning, to repair or replace your insulation can help get you on track for a cost-efficient holiday season.

Reindeer Can Slip on Loose Singles:

It is important for homeowners to stay proactive about monitoring the state of their roof shingles throughout the winter season. If you notice any loose, curling, sagging or damaged shingles, your local roofing professionals can diagnose the situation and recommend the best course of action. Additionally, as you put up your holiday decorations and lights, be sure to avoid nailing anything directly through the shingles to avoid creating a channel for water to seep into your roof.

While it is always a goal to save a little extra during the holiday season by taking on DIY projects, it is also important to be realistic about the jobs you should take on, especially when dealing with your roofing system. Your friends at MLM are equipped to check out the situation and suggest the best course of action!


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