This September, Clean Your Property from Top to Bottom

Prepare your roof and home for the season

With September marking the twilight of warm summer nights and a resurgence of the hustle and bustle of back-to-school season, we are reminded that at this time of year, cleanup around the exterior of the home is warranted after a leisurely summer.

     For homeowners, September is an opportune time to take a thorough look at their property, especially focusing on the exterior. From the storm debris that creates clutter in the gutters to the mossy growth on the siding, it’s important to get ahead of the game as schedules become more packed. 

     In recognition of National Cleanup Month, homeowners can feel refreshed and organized amidst an exceedingly chaotic time of year with just a few helpful tips to know and make it the most successful home cleanup yet!

Create a Detailed Check List

This back-to-school season, another type of checklist will need attention to be sure homeowners are stocked with all of the necessary supplies for a comprehensive property clean. Now is also the time to handle essential tasks that will prepare the home for the season ahead like storing away the sprinkler, scheduling a fall landscaping session, or winterizing the pool. Taking stock of what tools one has on hand and what one will need to purchase or borrow is key. Additionally, having contact info for professionals like MLM readily available to schedule any necessary appointments for seasonal maintenance should be noted on this overall checklist. MLM can be reached at (703) 420-1470 to accomplish your roofing needs.

Plan According to Schedule and Follow Through

As homeowners take on a multiweek cleanup, having a plan in place will help to make the process go smoothly. It is best to focus on a group of related tasks on a week-to-week basis. For instance, homeowners can assess areas of the home in sections starting from the top with the roof, gutters, and shutters, down to the steps, patio, and driveway. An unsuspecting area of the home that may be forgotten such as the dryer vent is important to keep clean for safety reasons, especially after a long summer of drying beach towels, so homeowners should not only be cleaning the internal lint trap but the exhaust tube to be thorough.

Schedule a Roof Review

The best approach to maintaining a safe and beautiful home includes inspecting vulnerable areas periodically from the roof to the roots, especially when you have the time to get maintenance done properly. Homeowners should ensure that there are no issues with the roof overhead as we escape the intense summer heat and enter the fall season with new weather and temperature changes to come. Call MLM to set an appointment for your roof to be thoroughly reviewed for any new concerns before any minor problems become your potential downfall in the fall. An Owens Corning contractor will go beyond looking for visible storm damage, as there are other warning signs that a roof’s time is coming to an end. MLM can provide a quote for a repair or replacement. By taking the initiative early on, you can avoid larger problems down the road. 

Work with a Partner That Will Clean Up When the Job is Complete 

Part of repairing or replacing a roof involves the removal and cleanup of discarded materials. Make sure to discuss how Owens Corning estimates account for this part of the process whether it may require the need to rent a dumpster, for example, or pay for waste hauling services of construction debris. MLM will work to keep your home and the home we share clean once the job is complete.

     During National Cleanup Month, with these tips, you can set an example and even be a source to others to encourage cleanup efforts on their part. Be sure to share how MLM can help with a roof inspection and proper disposal of roofing material following job completion. When sharing with others outside of your area, homeowners can reference the Owens Corning Platinum Preferred Contractors directory to locate a reliable roofing contractor today.


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