Tricks to Help Avoid a Spooky Surprise After Hanging Halloween Decorations

Tips For DMV + NJ Residents to Treat Their Roof With Care

As the holiday season approaches, millions of American homeowners will be planning to sling lights and hang decorations. Halloween is the first major decorating holiday in the season, with homes transforming from warm, inviting places into ones of scary delight. The incorporation of roof decorations can add another level to a home’s festive feel, but also comes with its potential dangers. MLM Home Improvement has developed a list of four tricks to help treat your roof with care during the spooky season. 

Be Sure the Roof Isn’t a Horror Show Before Decorating.

Assessing your roof for potential damage is a must throughout the year, but it becomes especially important before you consider stepping on it or adding decorations. For example, a damaged or missing shingle can not only lead to leaks, but it can become a potential weak spot in the integrity of the roof. Before placing a heavy decoration on your roof, such as a giant spider or spooky ghost, you should scan the roof for any shingles that look misshaped, broken or missing. Your local certified roofing contractor is equipped and qualified to do a full analysis of your roof, identifying problems that the untrained eye may not be able to see. 

Don’t Trick Yourself – Proper Ladder Safety is Needed.

When it comes to the roof, proper ladder safety is essential. Before climbing, be sure to level your ladder to avoid tipping over and firmly secure it to the ground. Having another person help you with ladder stability and providing another set of eyes to the situation can prevent common injuries. Thousands of people are hurt every year in ladder-related accidents. By taking the time to secure and position your ladder correctly, while also having someone else lend a hand, you can avoid a preventable injury that could spoil the holiday. 

Securing Decorations to a Shingle Can Be Scary.

When considering where on your roof to place Halloween decorations and how to secure them, look beyond your shingles. Often, to secure decorations, individuals will use nails or staples – compromising the shingle integrity and setting up a true horror story if moisture is allowed into the roof. This can lead to all sorts of problems such as mold and the rotting of materials. Instead, look out for products that are designed specifically to be easily removed from the roof after the holiday season has passed and only use plastic hooks. 

Lights Illuminate Your Boo-tiful Decorations.

Lights on the roof or around the outside of the home are the signature look to any holiday decoration. However, not all bulbs and extension cords are for outdoor application. It’s vital to use wattage bulbs and extension cords designed to weather Mother Nature. However, before stringing your first bulb, it’s important to clear your gutters of any leaves or debris. Not only is this good maintenance for your roof year-round, but especially as Halloween is during peak fall foliage, these leaves and twigs can become a hazardous fire safety issue if the incorrect bulb heats up near it. 

Your roof is an essential aspect of your home, helping to keep your loved ones safe and warm during the winter holiday months. However, it should be treated with care as you begin to decorate for Halloween and beyond. Whether it is practicing proper safety techniques, ensuring the health of the roof or using proper materials, your roof’s integrity should never be compromised for the sake of a festive design. Both before and after decorating, if you see something out of place or damaged on your roof, call a certified roofing contract such as your friends at MLM Home Improvement and they can help nip a potential problem in the bud before it becomes a true horror show. 


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